Frequently Asked Questions

My Right Horse strives to be a trusted source to find your Right Horse and we understand you may have some questions. If you do not find your answer below we encourage you to reach out to us at any time at

What is My Right Horse?

My Right Horse is a listing site for horses available for adoption nationwide. It is supported by the ASPCA’s Right Horse, a program connecting good people with good horses.

Why adoption?

By seeking a horse through the sales market, prospective owners unknowingly pass over thousands of adoptable horses that are ready candidates and just the horse they are looking for. Consider adopting instead because:

  • Good adoption organizations care about the right fit for you and the horse. It’s in their best interest to be fully transparent about a horse’s abilities, limitations, and personality because they want adoptions to be successful.
  • Good adoption organizations will always take a horse back if it doesn’t work out. This a lifelong safety net for the horse and gives adopters more confidence in their decision.
  • Adoption fees are typically significantly lower than sale prices in the traditional horse market for horses of comparable ability or value.
  • Adopting creates sustainability in the horse market. There are thousands of good and valuable horses that simply need the right visibility to find a new home and career.

Most owners care most about finding their right horse that fits their needs. As horse owners, we understand the significance of finding the right match. If you’re looking for your Right Horse, consider adoption through My Right Horse. Whatever your wants and needs, your right horse is out there and we will help you find it.

What is the process to adopt?

Each organization listing horses on My Right Horse has their own adoption process. For any potential matches you are interested in, you may connect with the partner who listed the horse and they will walk you through the adoption process.

Do I need an account to view listings?

You do not need an account to view available horses. Only organizations who are listing horses in transition need one.

Is there a fee to view listings?

My Right Horse is free to everyone to view and browse listings.

FAQs for Shelter Professionals:

How can I post my adoptable horses on My Right Horse?

My Right Horse is for adoption agencies which are partners, or in the process of becoming partners, of the ASPCA’s Right Horse. To learn more and become an adoption partner, visit

For all other questions or help using My Right Horse, please contact

How do I report fraud?

All of the organizations listing on My Right Horse are registered nonprofits and we believe strongly in transparency and providing a trusted source of horses in transition. If you see any suspicious listings or activities please email us directly at with details on the listing and the suspicious activity.

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