Horse Supply Checklist

Congratulations, you've finally found your right horse. Before bringing your new horse home, you'll have to prepare your barn and fill your tack room. Use this comprehensive equipment list to help you and your new horse get off on the right hoof.

Daily Equine Care

For day-to-day care you need an assortment of items to keep your horse healthy and feeling his best.

Basic grooming and first aid kit that includes: An emergency first aid kit that includes:

Consult with your veterinarian to assess any additional items your horse may need.

Horse Clothing

Your horse's coat will naturally help keep him warm, but he may need the extra warmth from a blanket in some conditions. A horse without access to shelter or an older horse may need to be blanketed more often than a horse who lives in the barn. It's important to ensure proper fit of your horse's blanket and be sure to remove it daily when you check for fitness and health. A stable blanket or sheet typically isn't waterproof, but can be used to keep your horse warm when indoors. A turnout blanket or sheet should be waterproof. A turnout blanket with approximately 200 grams of fill is considered medium weight, and 400 grams of fill constitutes a heavyweight blanket.

Horse Tack Horse Husbandry

For horses at your home or on your property, gather these items. Horses boarded at a professionally staffed facility will likely already have these on hand.

If your horse will spend much of their day in a stall or small paddock, you may also want to consider adding enrichment to his environment. Multiple feed stations, treat dispensing toys and grooming stations (for example, you can attach the brush from a broom to the wall to act as a modified scratching post) can add enrichment to your horse's daily routine. Overall, the supplies you'll need to care for your horse depend on where you keep him and his individual needs. Talk with your adoption agency and equine professionals to be prepared and set your new horse up for success.

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