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Nyssa is a showcase Paint mare with Colby O Conner and adoptable now. Are you intrested in adopting Nyssa at the Applachian trainer face off? Here’s some information about her! I just got in Nyssa a week ago. She was previously in the amateur division with a trainer and had around 45 days of groundwork/ riding. Do to some behavior/health issues she was returned back to the rescue. With not far from the competition Nyssa is back in but now as a showcase. Since I have had nyssa I have figured out what her problems are and I believe they will be fixed by the time of the competition. From the past week here’s a few things she has done and accomplished thus far: ⭐️Pushed and sorted cattle at the stockyards ⭐️Went on a weekend overnight camping trip ⭐️Packed saddle bags ⭐️Rides double ⭐️Ponied other horses ⭐️Worked on obstacles ⭐️Successfully rides in a back cinch Nyssa is great in the field with mares and geldings and low on the pecking order. She is easy to catch and also content being in a stall. Nyssa stands for bathing, grooming, saddling, mounting, and dismounting. She loads and unloads in the trailer with ease. She hauls well with zero problems. Nyssa will walk, trot, lope, stop, and back. In the remaining days until the ATFO the goals I have for Nyssa mainly includes getting over her worries of what’s going on behind her and making her a safe mount for a approved adopter. I believe Nyssa will need an intermediate rider due to the little time I have with her until the competition. I am going to work my best to make her the best horse I can in the remaining days left. Nyssa would strive best as a trail mount or even a show home. She has the prettiest little jog and all of her gaits are smooth as can be. She has potential to be a playday horse or even western pleasure. She has all the brains, size, and looks you can ask for! I would be more then glad to continue her training for a fee. Apply to adopt Nyssa or any of the other HOP horse available at the event August 21st! Adoption application: We are looking to adopt to safe homes. A history of good horsemanship, the ability to provide sufficient care with good vet, farrier and peer references are important. If you are a first time horse owner, we will require you to board at a facility for the first year while you learn more about care. We encourage everyone to take advantage of riding lessons. Our adoption process makes sure you get the right horse for you – it is a no fail process for finding the right match. Apply at


LocationShoals, WV
BreedAmerican Paint Horse
Height15.0 HH

Heart of Phoenix

Shoals, WV 25562

HOP: Heart of Phoenix