Adoption Overview $500


Bunny was rounded up in a BLM roundup when she was 5 years old. It is unclear if she as already in foal, or if the person who purchased her at the sale bred it. We suspect she might have already been pregnant. This horse has not been handled since she was purchased at the sale 3 years ago. We have her at a local boarding barn turned out in a pasture with horses that share mutual fence lines. She gets LOTs of treats from boarders and will take treats out of your hand. But at this point, that is about all she will tolerate. She has a kind eye, sharp mind, and inquisitive personality. But still very much invested in holding on to her self-preserving Mustang behaviors. She is not as flighty around people as when she first arrived. She needs an adopter who is highly skilled in working with feral/Mustang horses. She will NOT be adopted out to someone who is interested in training and then selling her or breeding her. Since she is still mostly feral, her feet have not been trimmed or her teeth floated. She has been vaccinated (which was accomplished while she was in a stock trailer). This mare is so beautiful. And we have already seen pieces of what we think will be a really cute personality.


LocationLubbock, TX
Height14.1 HH
Temperament10 - Spirited

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