Adoption Overview $500


If you have a soft spot for off-track thoroughbreds, look no further than Faith! We don't know much about Faith's early days and racing career, but she was well loved by her previous owner and had a successful second career under saddle. She has been out of work for a few years now, and she was diagnosed with mild kissing spine in 2015. She is a petite lady and a bit out of shape at the moment, so helping her build muscle to support a healthy, strong back will be step one. We have just started her back in work with lunging and long-lining with the goal of getting her strong enough to carry a rider again. She is barefoot currently but may need shoes if brought back into any kind of regular work. She has turned out with a variety of horses and gets along great with mares and geldings. She could make a really nice companion horse with proper introductions and management. Sometimes mares get a reputation for being feisty, and sure she'll make a grouchy face from time to time if she thinks you're going to steal her dinner, but overall she is a laid back and affectionate horse who just wants to munch on her hay and take naps in the sunshine. She stands patiently for the vet, farrier, grooming, and bathing - she'll even let you wash her face! Trailering is stressful for her, so we're hoping to book her a one way ticket from our farm to yours. She would do best with an experienced owner/handler to help give her calm confidence and guidance - she is willing to please and will follow your lead. If you love OTTBs as much as we do, you'll fall in love with Faith!


LocationMethuen, MA
Height16.0 HH
DisciplinesCompanion, Dressage
Temperament7 - Energetic

MSPCA at Nevins Farm

400 Broadway
Methuen, MA 01844

Rachel Diersen

Equine and Farm Animal Supervisor