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With legs for days, Charlee is a sweet mare who wears a CSU brand on her shoulder. She spent several years in their program as a recipient mare, and she is now lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful retirement at CHR. Initially, we entered Charlee into our training evaluation program to determine her eligibility and skills under saddle. It was immediately clear that she lacked confidence on the ground and under saddle, and that she would require a good deal of training to overcome these issues. She is perfectly happy to serve as a companion to other horses, and she bonds strongly with her pasture pals. Charlee was diagnosed with Cushings Disease a couple of years ago, so she requires daily Pergolide medication to treat this issue. A harder keeper, Charlee eats two large mash meals per day in addition to her grass hay to hold weight. Suitable for an intermediate-level handler or greater. Visit to learn how CHR defines intermediate.


LocationLongmont, CO
Height16.0 HH
DisciplinesCompanion, Lessons/Therapy
Temperament8 - High Energy

Colorado Horse Rescue

10386 N 65th St
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Sharon Gilbert

Adoption Manager