Adoption Overview $500


Looking for a pocket-sized horse with an “in your pocket” personality? Schade is your girl! She is a whopping 14.2 hands, but don’t let her size fool you! Schade is only 2, so odds are she’ll do some more growing. Schade’s sweet personality matches her appearance, and she is easy to lead around the barn. She goes out with two other mares at night (who are both over 16 hands) and she does great! She has enough spunk to not let herself get picked on! She stands very well for the vet and farrier and has no stall vices. As some mares are, she can be a little expressive with her ears when she isn’t happy, but doesn’t mean anything by it. She can be mouthy when she’s in her stall, but all she’s trying to do is get your attention! We’ve sat on Scahde (which is not new to her—she had training under saddle on the track) a couple of times as she is still so young. The few times she’s been under saddle, she’s shown great, level-headed potential! She has a nice, natural head carriage and is a perfect mix of whoa and go. She has walked bravely in our outdoor riding ring with some spooky Halloween jumps set up, as well as a liverpool, and didn’t bat an eye! She has a very mature mindset for her age which excites us to see what she can tackle in the future. Schade will need some time off to continue growing and maturing , and her conformation is a little crooked in her front legs, so only time will tell how she’ll ‘finish’ once she’s done growing (horses aren’t done growing until they’re around 8!), but she does already have some arthritic change, so we’d recommend a home with low-level aspirations to give her the best prognosis for riding soundness!


LocationLexington, KY
Height14.2 HH

New Vocations - Lexington, KY Facility

719 Dolan Lane
Lexington, KY 40511

Leandra Cooper