Adoption Overview $350


Noelle is a sweet senior pony. She has Cushings and needs Prascend daily. The rescue can assist with the expense of this medication for the right adopter. 

Even with her limitations she is overall low maintenance. 

She would be fine as a companion for another very laid back docile horse. We wouldn't consider placing her anywhere fast paced. 

She will not be rideable (just because of her advanced age) She'll need someone with great horsemanship skills and a dab of patience only because she can be tough to catch if she's in a mood. 

Noelle honestly prefers to be left alone to live her life. She's find and compliant BUT given a choice she'd prefer to just do her own thing in peace. We realize this isn't super appealing to most people. But look at it this way...if you don't have a ton of time to spend with her....but you have the space and resources to provide excellent could be a win-win for you both. She gets her space and you don't have to feel guilty for not being able to spend a ton of time with her. 

Noelle is being fostered in Mason County, WV. 


LocationElkview, WV
Height12.0 HH
DisciplinesCompanion, Therapy - Non-Riding, Other
Temperament5 - Standard

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Nicole Walters