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Spanish Treasure

This horse is available for adoption only. This is not a foster opportunity. || Ahoy matey! “Scallywag” is all 17.1hh of a big love bug. Spanish Treasure has fit right into our program since the day he stepped off the trailer. You would find it hard to believe that a 3 year old could act as calm and as cool as him! Scallywag came aboard our ship because he was “just too big to race.” While he’s more of a shy guy who keeps to himself, we believe that once he finds his forever home, he’ll do anything for his person! Scallywag has been turned out at night with a big gelding group, as well as with a more confrontational/ alpha gelding, and in both scenarios, he was low on the pecking order-- he'll play a little but he loves to just trying graze and stay out of everyone’s way. He is always happy to be brought in and out and stands very well in cross ties (even falling asleep while getting his mane done!). He has no stall vices, but he is a little bit of a “harder keeper” because there’s a lot to feed, so any interested adopter should be prepared to feed 12-15lbs of a higher-fat grain/ day. His diet is currently supplemented with additional fat (Wellpride Fish Oil). Even though Spanish Treasure wasn’t cut out to be a racehorse, he comes from big-time winners! BOTH his Dam and Sire won well over $1 million on the track and are multiple Grade 1 Stakes Winners! Unlike his parents, Scallywag likes to go at a slower pace. Scallywag is just along for the ride, happy to do what he is being asked. Because he is only three, he is still figuring out where his (giant) legs are sometimes, and what all his buttons do while gaining some conditioning/ good muscle (he has a bit of a swayback). He is very brave in new scenarios and genuinely seems to enjoy being ridden. Scallywag came to us with no known injuries so he has been a cool prospect, as his three comfortable gaits are a clean slate to take in any direction! He did have a nasty abscess come out his right front hoof wall before he came to us and it needed a little help to heal completely as his hoof grew out. In order to manage the hoof stability as it grew out, he had a set of glue-on shoes put on his front feet, but they won’t be necessary once the hoof grows out more! The ideal adopter/ rider for Scallywag would be an intermediate rider working with a trainer or an advanced rider. We could see this big guy really excelling in any discipline with time, experience and conditioning!


NameSpanish Treasure
LocationLexington, KY
Height17.1 HH

New Vocations - Lexington, KY Facility

719 Dolan Lane
Lexington, KY 40511

Leandra Cooper