Adoption Overview $2,500

Prince Carlos

[**New Vocations uses a category system to help our trainers make the best possible horse and rider matches! Learn more about the levels in our descriptions at!**] This prince is royalty who's ready to claim his throne in your barn! [Leading and Ground Manners - Level 2 - A solid citizen on the ground, “Carlos” is easy to lead and doesn't need a chain. He does well in a rope halter!] [Grooming and Tacking - Level 2 - Carlos enjoys being groomed with soft brushes and loves warm bubble baths. He loves people and has never met a stranger. He's a personable guy who's always checking pockets for treats! He is a cribber but this has been easily managed with a cribbing collar during his time in our program.] [Horse Care - Level 3 - While he's not currently on any supplements, he'll likely benefit from a joint supplement as he enters more regular work. He currently wears steel shoes on his front hooves.] [Riding - Level 3 - Carlos is a nice ride with a soft mouth. He happily moves forward and stretches towards the bit. He's been an absolute gentleman to ride in the outdoor arena, the indoor and around the farm on hacks. As with any fresh off-the-track Thoroughbred, he's still working on his rhythm and balance, but he's always willing to try new things when asked. His perfect adopter is a confident rider who's has experience transitioning OTTBs into new jobs.] [General Demeanor - Level 3 - Carlos currently enjoys individual turnout, but he's an amenable fellow and would do well in a small group of geldings.] [Horse Physical Capability - Level 3+ - Carlos retired from racing sound, but came to us with a sore body and back. He has had some time off and along with regular bodywork and has re-entered a steady program happily. He is a lovely moving horse with an excellent brain and will excel in a steady and consistent program.]


NamePrince Carlos
LocationCovington, LA
Height16.1 HH

New Vocations - Covington, LA, Facility

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Morgan Vaughn