Adoption Overview $1,000

Commander Nu Bar

Despite not being suitable for riding, Commander Nu Bar is an expert at providing love, affection, and companionship. With his gentle demeanor and friendly personality, he is sure to bring joy to anyone's life.

Companion-only horses are also an ideal option for someone who already has horses and is looking for a companion for their existing equine friends. Horses are social animals, and having a companion can help reduce their stress and anxiety, leading to a happier and healthier life for all.

So if you're looking for a loyal companion who will be by your side through thick and thin, Commander Nu Bar could be #TheRightHorse for you!


NameCommander Nu Bar
LocationBell, FL
BreedAmerican Quarter Horse
Height14.0 HH
Temperament3 - Calm

Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization

6191 N. US Hwy 129
Bell, FL 32619

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